Utility system for education and health care in Hinode City

HINODO CITY (201 Minh Khai) became one of the leading clients in the southern market of Hanoi.

Hinode City: Living in green, in peace
Hinode City officially launches new building - Asahi Tower
The Hinode City project puts the development of "child dwellers" on the forefront
Currently, in the context of home buyers increasingly interested in utility, Hinode City (201 Minh Khai) has become one of the leading clients in the southern market of Hanoi. Talking about the utility of this project is also telling the story of a new standard of living created by the owner.

The habitat of education and connectivity
In Hinode City, the investor prioritizes the development of living, relaxation, and living space for residents.

The project consists of 3 towers and each one has an outdoor swimming pool on the 4th floor. The walkway system includes shady trees, cool gardens, Outdoor, modern gym or yoga room or peaceful tea room ... Hinode City will have enough options for all members of a family for generations.

Following in the Japanese style, Hinode City's utility orientation is tied to the philosophy of an optimal development environment for future generations, enhancing the value of education and connectivity.

The investor has designed many utilities for children's dwellings such as indoor playgrounds, outdoor, library ... In the area of ​​the interior area with highlight is the glass villas, the owner also arranged the About the garden, so that the children can have fun, grandparents walking every day in a safe space.

Each Hinode City tower is equipped with an outdoor swimming pool.

Each Hinode City tower is equipped with an outdoor swimming pool.

With a variety of facilities designed within the district, Hinode City will create a developmental environment for children of all ages and form a community of associates for children from an early age.

Specialized for each tower
Investing in utilities is what every major investor does, but choosing and building utilities along the way as in Hinode City is a rare thing on the real estate market. The project is planned with 3 towers, located in style for each court, in which the utility system is also developed accordingly.

If at Sachi, the tower is named "Happiness", the owner concentrates much on recreational facilities such as movie room, children's playroom, library, tea room, living room plus Hi-Mark, the highlight of the technology area is expected to invest in music room, game room, common work space ...

At Asahi Tower - the light tower has just launched, Hinode City orientation will be the ideal living space for residents, paying special attention to future generations. The tower is equipped with a gym, free yoga, a communal living area with a reading room for children.

In particular, the investor will also focus on leasing commercial space at this tower for an international prestige brand with a philosophy of humanitarian education.

At present, Vietracimex investors apply many preferential policies such as free management fee for 3 years; interest rate subsidy 0% up to 18 months for maximum 70% of the value of the apartment; discount for early payment customers or buy more apartments ...

Especially, customers buy Asahi Tower apartment this time will be received lucky draw ticket to have many valuable opportunities such as car SH 150i; Hitachi Inverter 380L Refrigerator or Sony Smart TV 50 ".

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Northern Land and Service Joint Stock Company

Hotline: 0917 61 2020.

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