Possible apartment West Lake easy or difficult?

Tay Ho is always the region with the highest selling price and rent in Hanoi with foreign visitors - always high in terms of quality and living environment.

This is a good habitat for the benefit of the West Lake and the Red River. Infrastructure is invested and developed synchronously, many new roads are built nationwide: Nhat Tan - Noi Bai axis; Route Vo Chi Cong, Pham Van Dong, Nguyen Van Huyen, Hoang Quoc Viet ...
Top position ...
With a surface area of ​​up to 500 hectares, West Lake topped the list of lakes in Hanoi in terms of beauty. It is a giant lung of fresh air and the natural beauty of the city.

In the past few years, despite the fact that real estate market has many difficulties but real estate prices in the area around the West Lake still keep prices high. The land price in this area is fluctuating in the range of 120-150 million m2 (depending on the location). As for the high-rise segment, most apartments are being offered at an average price of VND4-7 billion per unit.

Because of that, owning an apartment along the West Lake with modern design with expensive vision, is the dream of many customers. The projects around this area are always receiving the attention of investors and customers are dreaming of a perfect place to live.

Market survey shows that one of the projects that has been developed in this area and attracted the attention of the time is the Oriental Westlake luxury apartment complex by BRG - multi-service economic group Leading Vietnam investment. The project owns a prime location close to West Lake, located at 174 Lac Long Quan - a vital artery connecting the city center with Nhat Tan Bridge and very easy to move to the inner city area. .

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Not only is it located in a land of gold, where life is a source of inspiration for the well-being of its inhabitants, Oriental Westlake also offers first-class living values ​​to its residents.

Each floor has only 7-9 apartments, but Oriental Westlake is equipped with up to 3 high speed modern elevator of the world's leading reputation ThyseenKrupp. The apartments range from 55 m2 to 116 m2 with 1 to 3 bedrooms. All living room, bedroom have windows to receive natural light and fresh air from West Lake. Furniture of the apartments are invested equipment from the world's leading brands such as kitchen and the smell of Cata (Spain), Trane air conditioning system (USA), wood flooring (Germany) ...

For residents to enjoy the beautiful sparkle and enjoy the fresh wind from West Lake, the investor of the project Oriental Westlake has invested the garden, walk on high with flower pots, bonsai. In addition, other utilities such as SeABank and Prestige Supermarket Intimex Home & Food on the first floor of the building will help to make life easier. The residents become convenient, saving maximum travel time.

What chance of owning real estate along the West Lake?
According to experts, in the coming years, the West Lake area will grow due to the development of the infrastructure to become "the new special administrative area of ​​the capital" and the place where the system of education Famous leaders in the capital, leading universities and many major hospitals.

In particular, this is the leading segment of revenue from rental apartments with prices always higher than other areas due to the need to live in the fresh environment, green, near the lake of luxury customers, Foreign experts, diplomats ...

With all of these factors, owning the Oriental Weslake apartment means holding on to the wealth of property constantly adding value. In addition, at this time, with attractive incentives from investors, this rare investment opportunity becomes even more valuable.

On the occasion of the sale, Oriental Weslake has a special policy of leasing profits up to 500 million VND in 3 years, free management & parking fees for 12 months. For borrowers, SeABank will support up to 70% of the apartment loan, 0% interest rate for 18 months. Customers will buy only 30% of the apartment can get right, red book handed.

Source: baotintuc.vn
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