Market Street Bridge - Opportunities rare investment in the center of Hai Phong at the end of the year

With the increasing urbanization speed, the business demand of the people is increasing, the 3-in-1 commercial street in Cau Niem Market Street is the most popular destination for the end of the year. Harbor.

Commercial Bach Dang Luxury Residence is launched in Hai Phong
Position "gold" for business
Located at 85 Cau Niem Street, Le Chan, Hai Phong, Cau Niem Market - Bach Dang Market. Luxury Residence owns the expensive location "near highway, near Giang, near the town", forecast after the operation. will be the busiest business area of ​​Hai Phong.

The project owns 3 expensive facades: Cau Niem pagoda bridge connects quickly to Niem Nghia bus station, Pham Tu Nghi street near the central market, is a busy business with a variety of goods. .

With the advantage of one side of the project is located on the ring road Cau Niem - is a busy business market, a familiar place for people to buy. On the other side of Pham Tu Nghi street adjacent to the residential area and central market will help here to receive the flow of traffic is very crowded.

In the area, it is possible to plan the areas with various trading functions such as: Thaco Motor Showroom, Honda Motor Showroom (in the area of ​​Cau Niem Ring Road), Pham Tu Nghi street area with flower shops Fruit Clever Fruit, Circle K Supermarket, pharmacy, bank transaction ... In addition, the interior area is planned with restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, highland coffee. English school, fashion area with fashion shops, fitness center with gym, beauty salon: Beayty Salon, Spa, nail ...

Many real estate experts said that with the superior advantage of location, advantage of industry development, tourism of Hai Phong, this place is the "gold trading" ideal for small businesses.

Market Street Cau Niem - Investment opportunities are not unique

Market Street Cau Niem - Investment opportunities are not unique

3-in-1 townhouse, many privileges reserved for the owner
Cau Giay Market Market House is a model that optimizes 3 of 1 needs: living, trading, or leasing. With the advantage of a large and open floor on the first floor, the flexible owner uses the premises for commercial business or for rent as offices, shops, upper floors can make living space, bring the Convenient for homeowners in living and business.

Phuong Lan (Le Chan, Hai Phong), a resident of Cau Niem Market, said: "I am planning to open a shop on the 1st floor to trade jewelry and gold. Around the area there are also some areas for rent but my family still prefer to have a place to live and combine to live and business. My house is priced from 70-80 million VND / m2, but with a good location in the center and a good location, right in front of the project is the park planning so I definitely have to buy here. "

Another customer, Do Tuong Nam (Hai Phong), said: "I am a businessman, I have been waiting for this project to open for sale here. Firstly, this is a rare project in the center of planning, building synchronous, beautiful. Secondly, this road is very open, the inner roads of the project are connected to the main roads of the city, the population flow and the travelers are very good, so I can not miss a place. Great business potential is so great. "

The Market Square is built on a total land area of ​​6.535m2, is planned synchronously with the 55 houses with the area of ​​54.7m2 to 116.7 m2, building 4 floors. At the same time, the project is devoted to green areas, landscapes, internal traffic and yards.

From the project to connect conveniently to the major roads to the center or all locations of Hai Phong city and at the same time easily connect with the traffic routes of inter-provincial roads: National Highway 10, National Road 5A. ..

According to expert analysis, before the pace of urbanization is increasing rapidly, the demand for business of the people increasingly, while the scarce supply has caused commercial real estate price increases. The bridge market is expected that investors will create a breakthrough, stirring the property market in the end of the year.

Substantial - Buzz - Sustainable living with the Market Street Cau Niem Bach Dang Luxury Residence

Substantial - Buzz - Sustainable living with the Market Street Cau Niem Bach Dang Luxury Residence

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