Great gadgets first appeared with Vincity Ocean Park

Vincity is the first metropolitan city to be introduced in the center of East Hanoi, Ocean City Vincity Ocean Park impresses with a system of 18 utilities bring a perfect life for residents. future. In these great gadgets, there are three great gadgets for the first time: saltwater bubbles, outdoor sports park and picnic BBQ park.

Located on an area of ​​420ha, only 15-20 minutes drive to the East of Hanoi. VinCity Ocean Park is a modern apartment complex with full services, facilities and services. Fully meet the needs of residents: health - education - trade services - entertainment - health care. With a low density of construction, just over 18%, the community of future residents will enjoy the environment of living close to nature. This is a civilized life, modern, green - clean - beautiful like what Singapore is and most Vietnamese dream.

As the corporation always ahead of the trend, VinGroup has predicted the need of living fully equipped, full of green space living space but a reasonable price, that is the reason Vincity is out. With a wide variety of utilities, including three amenities: saltwater lagoon, outdoor sports park and BBQ Park, the facilities that many urban areas in the world have not yet owned. .

Saltwater Lake - The green coast is only a foot away
Every summer vacation, everyone has the habit of arranging time with their family to spend time together. And most likely, most have the habit of stretching along the beach as a favorite.

Having grasped that psychology, VinGroup has brought the inhabitants of Vincity Ocean Park a salty sea of ​​6.1 ha. As a result, future ocean city dwellers will not need to go far for the summer, not to miss the important work, because "beach at home" will perfectly meet the needs of the home owner. and family.

Sports and BBQ Park
A healthy life and moments of relaxation at home are always core values ​​that VinGroup wants to bring to Vincity Ocean Park residents.

For the first time, a true sports park has appeared in an urban area with more than 700 gyms, training grounds and a diversified ballpark that are geared towards the artificial riverbank of the project. Valedictorian, with the green spaces surrounding the project, Vincity residents will always be full of energy while living in Vincity Ocean Park.

Family gathering and friends enjoy the weekend with BBQ parties that have become indispensable in Western countries, the culture has been brought back to Vietnam by Vincity Ocean Park, with more than 100 baking points. Set in six clusters near the lake, Vincity residents will have the most fun and comfortable moments with family and friends.

With attractive amenities, Vincity promises to bring residents a quality life perfect standard "Singapore and beyond."
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