Customers are eagerly awaiting the launch of Oriental Westlake

Many customers are eagerly awaiting the opening of the sale of Oriental Westlake at 08h30 on Saturday, 01/12/2018 at 174 Lac Long Quan, Tay Ho, Hanoi with a series of preferential policies to help bring in profitable investment opportunities. rare at the end of the year.

Opportunity to invest in luxury apartments Westlake West Lake
Prepare to sell the most class apartments on the land of West Lake
Oriental Westlake apartments is one of the products of BRG Group - the most prestigious real estate developer in Vietnam National Property Awards program 2018. Located at 174 Lac Long Quan, Oriental Since its inception, Westlake has always received the attention of not only homebuyers but investors.

With its beautiful location and very convenient transportation, as well as modern design, in harmony with nature and high-end amenities, Oriental Westlake is now considered a classy and comfortable place to live.

From the perspective of investors, the West Lake area is the land of gas, fortune and fortune is always considered as "hot" point of the real estate market by the ability to increase prices. In addition, real estate in the West Lake area has the advantage of large rental capacity, rental rates among the highest in the Hanoi market is always the focus of investors.

In particular, with the opening of the upcoming sale, real estate investors forecast that Oriental Westlake will continue to create fever in the high-end real estate market by flexible payment policies and incentives. same value.

Specifically, on the eve of the event, Oriental Westlake project owner revealed many interesting information about the policy of selling. Accordingly, for customers buying houses in the project will be committed rental profit up to 500 million in 3 years, free management and parking fees for 12 months.

When buying property in the project, if financial needs, customers are supported by SeABank with policies to support up to 70% of the value of apartments, 0% interest in 18 months. Moreover, due to the project has completed both legal procedures and infrastructure, the current customers buy apartments will only need to close 30% can get the right home, receive red book handed.

Oriental Westlake is one of the rare apartments in Hanoi, having recently owned a prime location with modern design, full facilities and still ensure the price as well as sales policy is very attractive.

Located on Lac Long Lake by the lake so the owner of the apartment in Oriental Westlake can enjoy the whole West Lake right from his residence. The apartment has 2 facades overlooking the lake to help the residents enjoy a high standard of living, living space in the modern civilized area in the capital.

Oriental Westlake is a 15 storey building comprising of 2 floors of commercial space and 13 floors of high-class apartments and 2 basements for parking. Investors also spend a lot of space for landscaping and facilities serving residents such as overhead walking, Intimex Home & Food, SeABank.

With modern architecture and smart design, each apartment here has a wide area from 55 m2 to 116 m2 with 1 to 3 bedrooms. All living room, bedroom have windows to receive natural light and fresh air from West Lake. Furniture of the apartments are invested equipment from the world's leading brands such as kitchen and the smell of Cata (Spain), Trane air conditioning system (USA), wood flooring (Germany) ...

Each floor has only 7 to 9 apartments, but is equipped with 03 modern elevators, high speed of the world's leading reputation ThyseenKrupp will help the travel of extremely favorable at any time During the day, even morning rush hour or afternoon.

100% of customers come to the opening of the sale of Oriental Westlake at 174 Lac Long Quan, Tay Ho, Hanoi will receive many valuable gifts.

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