D '. Le Roi Soleil

As one of the pioneers in the development of high-end real estate in Vietnam, Tan Hoang Minh Group affirmed its brand name when launching D 'project. Le Roi Soleil (Tay Ho, Hanoi) complete with quality and schedule guaranteed.

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Nguyen Hoai An - Director of CBRE Consulting & Research said at the press conference held on October 4, "The scarcity of supply New projects in the luxury real estate segment make it attractive for projects that are open for sale on the market. Projects at prime locations such as the West Lake area or Ba Dinh district are being sought. Picking up with good absorption, especially those projects are in the process of handing over the quality is also creating some exciting spots in the market.

Observations on the market show that, among the rare luxury projects on the current West Lake land, D '. Le Roi Soleil is located at the junction of Xuan Dieu street and Dang Thai Mai street (Tay Ho district, Hanoi) by Tan Hoang Minh Group is worthy of "the king of the sun" when preparing to enter the period of handing over the apartment. According to information from the investor Tan Hoang Minh, although one of the most picky projects in West Lake, but now more than 70% of the number of apartments here have owned, hundreds of apartments have been handed over. for customers to complete the interior.

Although the price is expensive, but the project D '. Le Roi Soleil is still attractive to customers by meeting the criteria "expensive slice" of customers. Not only owns the best location in West Lake, D '. Le Roi Soleil also confirmed the quality of projects with the heart of investor Tan Hoang Minh. In particular, at D '. Le Roi Soleil Tan Hoang Minh has done more than what is committed to bring maximum satisfaction to customers.

Specifically, D '. Le Roi Soleil is the only apartment project on the market today marble tiles for the corridor as well as the entire living room. Besides, the apartment interior D '. Le Roi Soleil is a line from the world famous furniture brands such as Kohler, Grohé, ... Not yet, the whole floor is invested by the owner when using natural wood with the ability to treat the surface as new in 10 years.

With the motto of "doing more than what is committed", many items of equipment at D '. Le Roi Soleil has been upgraded better than originally promised. Tan Hoang Minh Group did not hesitate to replace D 's entire balcony, window and glass system. Le Roi Soleil glass box with a total investment of more than 30 billion when the project is completed and is in the handover stage. With this great change, Tan Hoang Minh has once again affirmed its prestige and commitment to quality to all customers who have always believed in this corporation over the years.

Not just about furniture, D '. Le Roi Soleil is also the perfect project for providing services to residents. To best serve the residents, Tan Hoang Minh has built an 8-storey service tower. From the first and second floors of the service tower will be attached to two half of the apartment tower forming a large commercial center, from the 3rd floor to the 8th floor will be dedicated to lavish services. The gym, four-season swimming pool, modern sauna spa ...

D '. Le Roi Soleil is currently the largest underground apartment project in Hanoi with 6 basements. Tan Hoang Minh Group has applied the most modern and advanced construction technology and invested a large amount of financial investment for each apartment. , accounting for half the total construction investment to build 6 basements, serving the needs of residents, became one of the projects with the largest number of parking space / apartment today.

In particular, the apartments at D '. Le Roi Soleil has also embraced the revolutionary technology of 4.0 when it adopted the world's leading intelligent and advanced building management systems, IBMS- Integrated Building Management System from the United States. It ensures absolute safety for the residents and optimizes the cost levels. In addition, the IBMS system also helps to detect and warn of incidents in the operation of mechanical and electrical equipment in order to overcome in time to ensure the safety and stable operation of the building.

Convergence of these "plus points", it is easy to understand why D '. Le Roi Soleil is one of the few hot projects in the luxury real estate segment in 2018. The president of Tan Hoang Minh Group has stated: "D 'Le Roi Soleil is a child of heart. Tan Hoang Minh's desire to build a high-end residential community, a resort project on the shores of the West Lake, will be a "jewel" project on sale.


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